Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews & Buying guide – Best Sofa Bed Under $1000

Choosing a quality sofa bed is a massive task especially from hundreds of thousand of sofas. Best Sleeper sofa reviews will help you narrow down your choices among all the best sofa beds. It will also guide you finding out the unique features of different best sofa brands and their impacts on daily life’s comfort. So that, you can easily pick up the best offer. First of all, why would you wish to have a sleeper sofa? Is it you don’t have spare rooms and want to entertain your guests staying overnight? Or, you want to give a sophisticated and streamlined look to your sofas while remaining cushy. Whatever your reason is, the sleeper sofa reviews are there to serve your all purposes.

The advantages of best sleeper sofas are many. Firstly, this best sofa bed is a total pleasure to sleep on. The technology of these best sofas are very exclusive & they are stylish too. You can use them as a fashionable couch in your living space by day & turn them into a comfy bed at night. Isn’t it great?

Yes, it is! But, re-think before choosing the best sofa if you are the first timer. These sofa beds are sometimes somewhat expensive than the regular ones. Sometimes people face discomfort with their firmer seats. However, these are minor issues to consider. The benefits of these sofas are much more. It eventually adds beauty to your room. Isn’t it good news?

Let’s not waste our times. Let’s explore the in-depth analysis of best sofa beds. We will go through every detail of this product & provide you the necessary tips and guidelines for buying it. If you haven’t purchased any of the sleeper sofas yet, then this article is going to be very helpful for taking the proper decision to buy the best sleeper sofas.​

What are the Options on best sleeper sofas?

Best Sleeper Sofas will operate not only as a daily Couch but also as an attractive piece of furnishings. Some of them offer cup holders and a few even have reclined sections for another comfort. So, buying a best sofabed is unquestionably about to be an impressive selection.

You may choose the fabrics of sleeper sofas from a wide range of materials. The choices could be microfiber, linen, cotton or leather, etc. as per your desire. Another option could be the size of the bed that comes with the sofa. You could select the appropriate size according to your necessity and space of your room.

Best sleeper-sofa

Mattress plays an important role within the best sleeper sofas. There are many mattresses in the market. The sleeper sofas have different types of mattresses. Selection of mattress is crucial from the viewpoint of durability and comfort of the guests. Last but not least, the price is also an important factor, because the different quality of sleeper sofas come at different prices. We have discussed in details on this topic in “Factors to Consider Before Purchasing” section down below.

Factors To Consider Before getting the Best Sofa Beds

We have prepared this section for the greater benefits of our readers. You need to look at all the factors before opting forward to buying the best sofa beds. Your needs and circumstances should be the primary concern. We have gathered some valuable considerations. Let’s have a look.

How the sofa will be used??

At first, fix how you’ll be going to use it. Will it be primarily used as a bed or only for seating? If you are planning to choose a sleeping surface, then look for the mattress that comes with it. Sleepers feature include different kinds of mattresses. Look for that mattress that you feel comfortable with seating or lie down on it.

Space Issues​​

Twin size sofa beds are perfect for you if you’re facing space issues. These are only 5 feet wide and perfect for sleeping one person. These sleeper sofas are suitable for smaller rooms and sometimes referred to as chair beds.

If space is not an issue, then your next best option is the queen-sized sleeper sofa. It is available in different fabrics and styles. It is a comfortable seat for two people. Even three people can seat easily. The regular measurement of Queen sleeper sofas are 79-inches in width and 101-Inches in length; Full sizes are 68 inches in width and 92 inches in length. On the other hand, Twin sleeper sofas are 56-inches in width and 58 inches in length. Depending upon your space, you can easily determine which sizes of sleeper sofa best fit to your room.

Will It go Through The Door?​​

Yes, the sofa must fit through your door. Otherwise, you might not use it. So, measure the width of the doorway, stairs or elevators and therefore the ceiling. Now, you must let the vendor know about this measurement before you select your best sofa sleepers.

Bed Frames​​

Mechanisms for all the sleeper sofas are almost similar. The common structure includes a metal frame with coils around the edges that holds canvas decking. It placed underneath the mattress, and it prevents you from back pains. You have to make sure that the frame of the best sleeper sofas is sturdy, hardwood material or well-constructed. You should also consider the opening and closing mechanism of the sleeper sofas. The easier, the better.


If your sofa comes with a mattress, make sure they are of high quality. Sleeping on the incorrect mattress will result in your back or neck pain. Therefore try and opt for best sofa bed mattress that completely fits your needs. You won't get the quality mattress with any inexpensive sofa beds. If your mattress is thin, you can use mattress topper or pad to increase the level of comforts.

Prices and Warranty

Before shopping for any sleeper couch you have got to think about the costs. How much you can afford. Comforts and quality of the best sofas depend on your budget. Besides, different sizes of sleeper sofas, frame materials, fabrics, quality of mattresses and the longevity also matter with your budget. You may have to compromise with costs for better quality. See the manufacturer’s descriptions on the sofa beds and mattresses. Also consider the warrant on them. A warrant is a sign of higher quality product and represents the best value for money.

Given below 16 Best Sleeper Sofas in different budget requirements. Choose your sofa from Best Sofa Brands 

1. DHP Emily Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

DHP is one of the best sofa brands. DHP Emily Convertible Futon, Gray achieved immense popularity within a very time. With it’s sleek & stylish look, DHP convertible futon sofa bed is available in four different colors. Such as Gray, Black, Navy, and Vanilla to match your decor.

It is a modern sleeper sofa that comes with elegant round edges, and it fits for most of the rooms. It is a water-resistant faux-leather sofa couch. The eye-catching gray linen will give you a different feel.

The foam filling and the polyester provides necessary comfort. The cushion remains firm and full even after regular use. This versatile, multi-position split-back inexpensive sleeper sofa is perfect for studio apartments. It is also fit for smaller rooms, tiny spaces, guest bedrooms or living room lounging. Even you can use it in your office spaces!       >>Read Full Review<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

      • Emily Convertible Futon with Modern design
      • Best sofa beds. Easily convertible from sitting to sleeping or lounging with the click clack technology
      • You can split it back to suit your needs
      • Chrome metal legs
      • Looks fantastic in gray linen
      • Weight limit is 600 pounds
      • Upholstery is filled with foam
      • Materials used- foam, metal, wood, fabric. As a best sofa brands - You can rely on the quality of the materials.
    • A lot of people complained about the firmness
    • Too short in length
    • Difficult to fit the sheets in

2. Divano Roma Convertible Futon Sleeper Sofa

Divano Roma Furniture presents this ultra-modern futon sofa with a split back feature to accommodate personal preferences that made it as one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas. This contemporary Divano Roma couch is stylish. It is easy going and can be converted into a sleeper sofa without any problem. The linen fabric upholstery and the eye-catching color will act as a focal point in your living room.

It is an inexpensive sleeper sofa that comes with two pillows. Made of sturdy materials. The fabric is of great quality and very comfortable to sit or lay on it. When you want to have a good night sleep on it, just lay the cushions down and put a flat sheet over it. It’s so easy. The color and the quality of the product made it as one of the best sofas.

It would take a few minutes to set up. It is the best sofa beds for a small apartment too. You will surely love this cheap couch. A great addition to your house, apartment or office space. Dimensions and specifications: 77"W x 31"D x 31"H inches but in Flat Position: 70" x 40" inches. Seat Height: 18" inches which are quite OK for kids as well as young. For your sleeper couch, you can pick your favorite one out of several different colors. Such as brown, dark grey, light blue, light grey, light purple, orange to match it with your home decor.   >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • It is easy to put together.
    • Vibrant colors and durable construction.
    • Best sofabed, Great for the price.
    • The legs are strong and sturdy.
    • Both young & old will find it most  comfortable sofa bed.
    • It is a bit small for tall person to sleep on but serves OK.
    • It is close to the ground. The seat area width is a bit narrow.

3. Handy Living Convert-a-Couch - Most comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Among the key characteristics of this best sofabed are: it is very elegant in appearance. It has 576 alone wrapped pocket coil spring system for superb relaxation. It is luxurious and most comfortable sleeper sofa that everybody will enjoy.

This Convert-a-couch Sofa sleeper features pillow top arms for added comfort. Covered in a lasting, stain resistant a dark brown 100% polyester microfiber. It’s HANDY LOCK no tool feature makes assembly a breeze - simply click and slide. Why is the Convert a Couch so unique is its conversion system.

The Handy Living Convert-A-couch offers a comfy sofa that converts into a full-size bed with an easy touch of the hand. The convert a couch sofa sleeper enables you to use three position mechanism. Such as sit, recline, or sleep. This full-size sofa bed enables two people to sleep quite comfortably, when extended. The 10-inch pillow top cushions present high-quality foam for added relaxation. The sofa Bed Dimension: 51”D x 72” L x 19” H. So it’s quite a big sofa sleeper.

It is the best sleeper sofa. It’s simple construction make the Handy Living Convert-a-Couch a good purchase. For the price, it's really hard to beat the quality. Handy Living Convert-a-Couch sleeper sofa are the best sofa beds for everyday use.   >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Easy conversion from the couch to a full-size sofa bed
    • There's no bar in the back either, which makes sleeping more comfy
    • This sleeper sofa provides 3 mechanism for sit, recline and sleep
    • Durable, you can use it for many years

4. 9 by Novogratz Vintage Tufted Best Sofa Sleeper II (Navy Velour)

The 9 by Novogratz Tufted Best Sofa Sleeper is an excellent pick for those who value sleeping experience and plush seating. This tufted best sleep sofa has a classic appeal that can add a luxurious feel to any family room. This transitional-style sofa, upholstered in rich velour fabric with diamond tufting and accentuated by Victorian legs.

The comfy seat has three easy-to-convert places including relaxing, sitting and sleeping. This furniture piece is perfect for those who have regular guests for their house. When it’s time to sleep, they can merely set the couch into the furthest reclining position.

The wood frame of this vintage tufted best sleep sofas is long-lasting. It’s back legs gives extra backing in sleep position and stow away when the sleeper sofa is in sitting position. The rich velour also gives it a very luxurious feel; Mattress depth is 7.5″ which is quite comfortable for sitting or sleeping.

The Novogratz Vintage tufted Sofa Sleeper will take center stage in just about any living space. This best sofa sleeper is a great value for the money and will be the star of your living room!

 >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • This tufted best sleep sofa has Sturdy and solid wood frame and is long-lasting
    • Fit for sitting, lounging and sleeping positions
    • This sleeper sofa presents elegant classic sofa
    • Goes well with various decor styles
    • Easy assembly demanded

5. DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper, Gray

For those who want to upgrade their room with modern furniture, they could have a go with DHP Sienna Sofa, Sleeper. DHP’s modern design and technology made this sleeper coach very stylish and sophisticated. And worth a look. All its features have made this sofa a unique and very special. Those who have small rooms but constantly get visitors can get benefit by purchasing this Modern Sofa Sleeper.

When you have a headache with small space, then it becomes necessary to have furniture that saves space. This sofa bed saves space for its dual functionality seating and bedding as well as matches with your décor.

You can indeed fold down the couch and make a Most comfortable sofa bed. This elegant piece of furniture is quite affordable. It makes the room feel welcoming and cozy. So, why not give your living room something exciting!

This gray linen DHP Sienna Sofa with its textured upholstery provides a superior look. The sturdy wood framework can give better support. It is gray in color and made of gorgeous linen fabrics can easily go with office decor too. >>Read Full Reviews<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Gray color, best sofa sleeper - doesn’t show dirt
    • Top quality linen fabrics.
    • Most comfortable sleeper sofa due to foam padding
    • Hardwood material thus more stability
    • Attractive and trendy looking
    • Easy to install

    • Armrest becomes loose if not screwed properly.
    • Not good enough for the very tall person.

6. DHP Vienna Best Sofa Sleeper with 2 Pillows

DHP's Vienna Sofa Sleeper is an excellent piece of furniture that's going to impress you all. It's comfort only rivals its beauty. The faux-leather hands additionally include handy pockets for storage.

With a distinctive and dazzling layout, it is sold with 2 pillows. It has the color mix of Chocolate brown and Tan along with a weight control of 600 pounds. The DHP Vienna is the Best Sofa Sleeper with general dimensions is 78 in x31 in x 34 in, and it weighs 81.5 lbs.

It has straightforward construction, tales a few minutes to set up. Produced from a strong hard wood frame.

It looks expensive but actually not. For the price, you are NOT going to find a better deal and doesn’t use a lot of space. This couch looks awesome. Vienna sofa sleeper is worth every penny for its luxurious exterior with two cushions along with faux-leather hands. This handy best sofa sleeper is beautiful for a small apartment.

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • It is comfortable both for sitting and lying down
    • Comes with 2 Pillows, inexpensive sleeper sofa - quite affordable.
    • Vienna sofa sleeper is an excellent mixture of symbol of elegance, ease, and fashion.
    • This best sleep sofa is quite easy to assemble and of excellent quality. 
    • The cushion is a bit firm

7. Monterey Full Size Futon Sofa Bed

Monterey Full Size Futon Sofa Bed is versatile, practical, stylish and very comfortable. This sofa bed contains 8” inch tufted mattress and tough wood-frame. One of its own special features is its Side Laden Technology which helps make it easier to convert a sleeping bed from a sofa. In regards to the framework of the couch, it's made from hardwood that is strong and solid. The finishing of the wood is in light honey oak. It would be an attractive addition to any house and  holds some aesthetic.

Monterey, the Best Futon Sofa bed has many color options. You can choose your favorite one from Olive, Chocolate, Peat, Navy, red and Black as per your home decor. The mattress that comes alongside it's made of 100 percent polyester. Features include innerspring coil mattress and premium foam wrapped with cotton batting. Besides it’s light Honey Oak finish wood frame and the Suede upholstery fits in most rooms. This versatile and exceptional Full-Size Futon Couch readily converts into a Full-Size Bed. This best sofa bed is very much appropriate for those who need a cheap, comfy and long-lasting full-size sofa sleeper. Dimensions: Frame is:  80" L x 37" D x 33" H and Mattress is: 75" L x 54" W x 8" H. This sleeper sofa is helpful when transferring house or flat.  

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Most Comfortable Sofa Bed to sleep on.
    • Readily movable, sturdy construction and double functionality
    • Soft innerspring coil mattress and posh looking sofa sleeper 
    • You can sit, sleep or lounge on this multi-functional Futon Set
    • Enormous futon, need a little more space

8. DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger, Kids Sleeper Sofa

DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger is the best sof sleeper for kids. This kids sleeper sofa is an attractive and beautiful piece of furnishings for any children. You don’t need big space for decorating a children bedroom. Just need to be a bit cleverer with the space you have. You should bring in those items which easily fit and go with your kids' home decor. Pink colors enhance the sensation of the house. These sofas are in pink color and lucrative for the children.

Before buying any kids sleeper sofa, you have to ensure whether it is safe for your children. DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger has no harm or sharp item which can cause any problem to your kids. This Rose sofa converts to a bed and functions as kids sofa sleeper. DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger can play a vital role for their entertainment. It’s vivacious microfiber upholstery, trendy and Space-saving style. It's durable, and therefore the pad is firm. This kids sofa sleeper comfortably fits for the Age of four to twelve years.    >>Read Full Reviews<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Any kid would love to take a seat on this pink sofa bed
    • Perfect for children's bedchamber.
    • Converts from seat to lounger without any difficulty.
    • Assembling is straight forward - only place the legs on.
    • Very cute and comfy kids sleeper sofa and safe for use
    • The Constructions of this junior sofa are good and solid
    • Inexpensive sofa beds include free shipping
    • Not very big; kids sleeper sofa. Thus not ideal for adult.
    • Legs have to be screwed on.

9. Signature Design by Ashley Darcy- the most comfortable Sofa

If you have been looking for comfortableness, then Signature Design by Ashley Darcy - the most comfortabe Sofa will complete your living room decor. It is Stone Fabric Upholstery; the Product dimension is 90 x 39 x 40 inches. It is very cozy and comfy! The color is very rich looking. This loveseat gives your living room a modern look for its contemporary style. The frame is sturdy. It is holding up very well; Legs are extra made of hard plastic. The fabric is high-quality Polyester. The cushions are attached to the couch. It’s very easy to clean and very easy to fit through the door. The back pillows are fixed to the furniture. Cushions are removable but have Velcro on bottom, so not reversible. It is a good sleeping spot too. This is a decent sofa for the price. These best sofas are beautiful and affordable for any growing family.

. >>Read Full Reviews<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Modern design- attractive and nice looking
    • Stone Fabric Upholstery
    • Back pillows are very supportive
    • Very cozy- Most comfortable sofa
    • High-resiliency foam cushions
    • Stable Frame Construction
    • The armrests can work as headrests
    • It is incredibly nice for the price...
      •  Make sure you have tools to screw in the legs.

10. Mid-Century Modern Sofa (Yellow, 3 Seater)

Mid-Century is another among the best sofa brands. Mid-Century Modern sofas are in a variety of brilliant colors. Such as Light grey, Sky blue, Polo Blue, Red and Yellow. It will give a dash of modernism and colors to any office, living room or play room. The couch is of excellent quality. It's frame is well built in and the wooden legs are stable. It is a soft linen tufted upholstery. The grade of the fabric is great. The fabric on the back of the couch is the same as on the front. The seat cushions are removable. The dimensions of a 3 seater Sofa is 72" x 30" x 32.5" inches, seat depth is 21" inches. This best sofa is very simple to assemble and worth the money.

Mid-Century Modern sofas are in a variety of brilliant colors. Such as Light grey, Sky blue, Polo Blue, Red and Yellow. It will give a dash of modernism and colors to any office, living room or play room. The couch is of excellent quality. It's frame is well built in and the wooden legs are stable. It is a soft linen tufted upholstery. The grade of the fabric is great. The fabric on the back of the couch is the same as on the front. The seat cushions are removable. The dimensions of a 3 seater Sofa is 72" x 30" x 32.5" inches, seat depth is 21" inches. Mid-Century Modern sofa is very simple to assemble and worth the money.

The look is simply perfect. You will end up quite happy with the design of the couch. The cushions are a bit firm and supportive. Best sofas for the price. This sofa is amazing for sitting, lounging and watching a movie. Mid-Century modern sofa is likely to make your room inviting. Ideal sofa for small living room apartment. >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We like

Things We Didn't Like

    • It's not difficult to put together, only screw in the legs
    •  This sofa is quite affordable, durable and pretty
    • It'll boost the best thing about the living room
    • Mid-Century modern sofas are fashionable and trendy
    •  Pretty firm to take a seat on at the beginning

11. Arden Club Sofa, 34.5"Hx93"W - the most comfortable sofa

​​The curving shape of Arden Club Couch directs the eye to an oasis of relaxation for your living area. The rolling tufted arms with the meandering line of the tufted back nailhead trim, as well as the sculpted wood legs all unite to create a luxury feel.

Arden club sofa is available in two different colors in Amazon. Dark Beige Linen & Peacock. The main features of this best sofa include tufted arms and back. It’s nailheads in brass finish and center leg for extra firmness. These two Dark beige linen upholstery and Peacock polyester upholstery include wooden legs.

The wooden legs are in washed oak finish and espresso finish respectively. All makes this Arden club sofa a showpiece for the entire living room. It is one of the most comfortable sofas that blends well with many styles of furniture and many different colors.

You can’t stop looking at it. The color is so beautiful--rich and vibrant. Once you sit on it, your mind won’t get back. Construction is solid. The cushions are nice and firm. The Arden club sofa is super comfortable and great for sitting or napping. Arden club sofa is a very safe and smart buy if you hesitate to buy furniture online. This sofa will exceed your expectation >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Very comfortable! Distinctive unusual design, nice fabric.
    •  Gorgeous and magnificent appearance.
    • Arden club sofa is sturdy and durable
    • Best sofa Brands for Contemporary sofas
    •  These are expensive best sofas

12. Ashley 5730038 Martinsburg Meadow Sofa: the best sofa

​Under the best sofa brands the Ashley sofa (5730038) is the best for just about any living room that needs a conventional decor. This couch includes a rich finish, refined timeless design with rolled arms. It's fabric upholstery makes a very posh appearance.

Carved wood accent trim on the front of the rolled arms and outlining the gentle curve of the camel back by Ashley Furniture. come together to create a timeless sophistication on the Martinsburg Meadow collection. The "Martinsburg Meadow" upholstery collection brings abundant conventional beauty to your house. the Martinsburg couch fits with conventional Victorian decor. It has elaborate framework and a camelback shape roll arms.

The main features of this best sofas include framework constructions. It is examined with GSA authorities standards. All fabrics are pre-approved for durability against AHMA standards. Corners are glued and stapled. It's Seats and back spring rails are cut from 7/8 inches hardwood etc to create a consistent support and long-lasting seating comfort. Ashley sofa (5730038) is gorgeous and well made. Great quality for the price, you will become pleased with these sofas for its elegant look. >>Read More on Amazon<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • The seat cushions are removable and washable.
    •  Comes with three accent pillows for greater attraction
    •  The easy & only assembly of this couch is to put the legs on
    • Durable, luxury and high quality best sofas
    •  Are not inexpensive sofa beds due to high quality expensive materials.

13. Air Dream Mattress - the best sofa beds mattress

Air Dream Mattress is the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattress. Its 11-inch density and .5 inch of innerspring thickness provides perfect comfort support. Comfort is important because it is the first thing to be considered when tiredness embraces the body.

Air Dream mattress manufactured by the Fashion Bed Group. A division of Leggett & Platt Inc. Fashion Bed Group is an industry leader in the production of fashionable beds. Dedicated to the comfort of your home and office furniture. Their design is innovative and gives a convenience in everyday use.

It has the unique core comfort element that has been improved and reinforced to provide a comfortable sleep. Of course, it is sustainable too! You get maximum rugged durability from this Leggett and Platt product. You will always get the engineered features and feel the overnight success regardless of how you are using it. Not only this, it works with an easy-to-open hand pump that allows easy inflating and deflating process. It is the most innovative sofa mattress for today. >>Read Full Review<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Available in all sizes (Queen, Full, Twin)
    • Can accommodate any standard sheet
    • Inflation/deflation procedure is very quick
    • It’s low coil provides long lasting support
    • Air cushion layer is adjustable
    • Comes with separate air chambers
    • Adjustable firmness
    • Hypoallergenic materials are used
    • It has 11 inches of thickness which is really comfortable
    • Convenient; easy to open and close
    • Rated as the best sleeper sofa mattress in 2015
    • Hard to deflate
    • You can’t fold without crunching the coils
    • A little portion of the users experienced leakage problems though it is not a common issue.

14. Sleep Master Ultimate Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress is the best sofa bed mattress. Sleep Master Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a high-density two-layer mattress from Zinus. Though it comes in seven available sizes, the price is quite reasonable.

The mattress is odor free and inflates within 48 hrs. As it is a high-density mattress, you may experience a little firmness at the beginning. But once it warms up, you can get sunk into it. You won’t realize when you fall asleep with this mattress. You won’t need to be tossing around to find your right sleeping position.

The second layer of support is a bonus for some people as it makes it comfortable on the floor. Other than the heat traps and support foam issues, this is an excellent choice if you are trying for an all-around sofa mattress. To us, it is the best sleeper sofa mattress by far. >>Read Full Review<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Budget friendly
    • Set up procedure is quite easy
    • Inflation rate is fast
    • Best Sleeper Sofa Mattress; has CertiPUR-US certification
    • Comes with 5-year limited warranty
    • Comfortable on any surface
    • Highest quality & best support foam
    • Smart shipping procedure

    • There is chance of hot sleeping
    • The memory foam layer is thin

15. Sleep Master Ultima 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect choice for your guest bedroom or child’s bed. Most of the families today are opting this mattress for their personal uses. It is the best cheap memory foam mattress from Zinus.

You will get guaranteed comfort with this mattress. The 6-inch memory foam mattress is too thin to support heavy weights, so don’t put anything of that weight. That will hamper its performance.

This luxurious mattress built with a 4.5-inch layer of high-density foam with a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam mattress at the top. It is fire-resistant, eco-friendly and odor free at the same time. Who knows? This might be the right product you are searching for long. 

>>Read Full Review<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • Environment friendly
    • Provide support and comfort for occasional sleepers
    • Certi-PUR-US Certified
    • The scent technology absorbs everyday odors of the user
    • Washable cover
    • Two layer mattress
    • Compact Packaging
    • Not suitable for regular users
    • Users may experience hot sleeping as it cause sweat
    • Comes with limited warranty offers

16. DHP 8-Inch Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

Most comfortable sofa bed mattress. DHP 8 inch Futon Mattress has 522 independently-encased coils for excellent user comfort. This mattress is a supplement for any futon mattress that ensures your restful night’s sleep.

It is available in a wide range of colors like black, brown, tan colors and charcoal. People purchase their mattress for various purposes. It depends on what type of sleeper you have and your requirements.

You can use this best sofa bed mattress as a bed for guests or sometimes as a coach. It can meet your every preference with required comfort. One of the important things is that it is very easy to clean. Just take off the microfiber cover and clean any accumulated dust from outside.

Remember, the futon arms and frames not included with this purchase. You can buy them separately. Now and then, a new technology is used to make these mattresses better, so stay tuned for any latest updates. >>Read Full Review<<

Things We Like

Things We Didn't Like

    • DHP 8 inch Futon Mattress is the best sofa bed mattress for sleeping.
    • Standard futon frame
    • Polyester layering between cover and coils
    • Microfiber mattress cover
    • 15-gauge pocket coils

    • A little bit firm and crunchy
    • Difficult to fold up without lifting the mattress
    • Can be used only on one side

Best Sleeper Sofa Mattress

You have to choose the right mattress for your sofa to make it the most comfortable sleeper sofa. A quality mattress distinguishes an ordinary sofa from the best sleeper sofa. It is the main reason that today’s sleeper sofas are much more comfortable than previous times. These days you can get the following basic types of best sofa bed mattress:

Memory Foam Mattresses:

They are the better for your sofa bed! There are no coils inside, and the foam conforms to the user’s body. You get better comfort and cushioning than any other mattress of equal thickness. Mattress with memory foam might add some extra cost to your budget, but that’s worth it. Memory foams are the best for its comfort. Memory foam is just like a sponge. As a result, mattress with Memory Foam helps better blood circulation. Memory foam mattress avoids putting stress on the important areas of the back and in some cases reduces pain. It is referred to as the best mattress for your back. That is why most customers suggest buying memory foam mattress.

Latex Foam Mattresses:

A bit more solid mattress than Memory foam mattress. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly and natural. A latex mattress is a bit heavier than Memory Foam Mattress. Pure latex is expensive too. Not everybody likes a soft mattress and finds out a hard one. This latex mattress is a bit firm and supportive. It is good for those who does not like the soft mattress for refreshing sleep. This mattress is comparatively durable. Consequently, it is the best sofa bed mattress.

Innerspring Mattresses:

These types have plenty of coils inside which is a major factor. They can be inflated to get the cushion of air above the mattress. When inflated, these mattresses become as comfy & thick as actual bed mattresses. Many people consider them more comfortable than the memory foam mattresses. These type of mattresses are very common. They are bit cheaper than Memory or Latex Foam Mattress.

Air-Coil Mattresses:

They are the recent inclusion in the world of mattresses. They have both the qualities of a memory foam and an innerspring mattress. You can get the comforts of a memory foam and the durability of an innerspring as there is an air mattress built on top of them.​​

Tips to make your sofa beds as the Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas

Best Sleeper sofa or couch bed is an incredible approach to suit visitors when there is a lack of room space. Sleeper sofas or couch beds permit you to welcome any visitors into your home. If you have a worn-out sofa bed, don’t panic! Here is a couple of steps in which you can enhance comfort levels of your sofa bed. It will give your visitors a superior gathering. Here are our most important technics to make a couch bed more comfy and healthy looking.

Add a Mattress Topper

One of the simplest ways to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable is to add or buy a mattress topper. Mattress topper will give your visitors an incredible night's rest. A mattress topper made from the latex or memory foam is highly desirable in this regard.

These materials not only provide sound sleep but also reduce stress and back pain. If you want to increase the height of a sofa bed, you can buy a thicker mattress topper or pad. You can help your guests feel welcome and get a good night’s rest by providing an inviting, cozy sofa bed.

The material of your sheets

Linen Fabric has thermo-protection properties. It suggests the more you wash the fabric, the softer it gets. It's amazing. It works at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. An alteration of sheets from polyester or cotton to linen will work amazing things for you.

Flip and rotate the Mattress

Another effective way to increase the comfort is to flip and turn the mattress as two-sided bedding. It will enhance the longevity of the mattress. A frequent flip will keep it flatter for a long time and prevent it from being depressed. So, you must flip and rotate the mattress. It will keep your sofa as the most comfortable sofa bed for a longer time.

Add more cushions or pillows to make it a most comfortable sofa bed

Pillows are necessary for any sofa bed. It will maximize the comfort for your head. You can use it as Cushion for your sofa.

Cushions play a vital role in making the sofa bed comfortable. Cushion fills the gap that might appear at the corner of the mattress and give you a good night sleep.

Buy new mattress to convert into the most comfortable sleeper sofa

A different way to increase the relaxation of a pull out sofa would be to get a brand new mattress. The most important thing is how to make a sofa bed mattress more comfortable? If you like your mattress a bit firm, then you can go for a latex sofa bed mattress. Latex sofa mattress is also Eco-friendly. There are other mattresses in the market to make your sofa bed more comfortable. Such as memory foam mattress, air coil mattress, innerspring mattress, etc.It varies with prices. Most of the sofa bed mattresses range from 4 to 6 inches in width. Thicker mattresses tend to be comfier. So you can replace the original mattress with a brand new sofa bed mattress. It will transform the best sofas into the most comfortable sleeper sofa.

Use the Duvet

Duvet also plays a vital role in making the sofa bed more comfortable. Most of the duvets are thick enough to provide extra support and comfort. It can work as a mattress topper. It gives warmer and lets your guest have a good night sleep on it. These are the ways to make your sofa bed as the most comfortable Sleeper sofa and relaxing.​​

Signs of Quality

Pay close attention to the overall quality of the sofa bed. If the frame is of hardwood material, then you can rest assure about its durability. Check the couch cushions by sitting on them. If you find out that the cushions contain only a single piece of foam, it’s a symptom of cheaply made and won’t last long.

Words of Caution​

  • Buying the best sofa sleeper is a worthy investment. So, don’t feel embarrassed to experiment it.
  • If possible lie on the mattress and check it by mimicking many sleeping positions.
  • Pull up the bed to sense the mechanism and weight.
  • Sit on the sofa with the bed folded up to test how it feels to sit on it.
  • Do your searching early, don’t wait for the last minute. Advance shopping will help you get the exact size, the fabric and the color you needed.

Final Decision

Despite every odd, the best sleeper sofa will always be your go to furniture in this modern world. You can own these magnificent pieces of furniture and place it in your living room. It will increase the functionality of your decorum. It saves spaces for you by turning any room into a guest room. Now, you don’t need to subject your guests to uncomfortable sofas. Because great strides have been made in the quality of sleeper sofas during past few years. There are comfortable models on the market- you just need to know what you are looking when you shop.